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A journey to living courageously, portrayed through paintings and poems
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“Jared Bernstein’s free-flowing creativity has produced a book that has the capacity to open a new awareness in the religious mind and world. His poems and paintings provide access to a place where contact between mind and soul can take place. This type of creative tool is lacking in some parts of the religious world today and therefore his work is a welcome addition.”

– Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz, Author and Lecturer


Jared Bernstein was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and was raised in New Jersey. In the 1990s he moved to Manhattan, and it was here that he was first introduced to the influential artists of the period.

At a very young age, he was shaped by both a fascination with words and a firm belief that there was something going on beyond what his eyes could see. These characteristics sparked Jared’s passion for writing stories, painting, and taking pictures, which he later cultivated into a successful career. Whether painting or writing, he expresses his hidden world, his inner voice. Through imagery and words, he tracks his internal journey and concretizes his emotional narratives. This empowers him to reframe deep-seated feelings and passions and reconcile inner conflicts.

The creative process enables him to share the spectrum of his feelings and thoughts with the viewer. This process is a confrontation with his identity, an exploration of his fear, an act of courage, and an ultimate spiritual triumph – all central to the human experience.

The years 2018–2021 were a time of growth, exploration, and self-discovery for him. It was during this period that he painted extensively and understood that his self-revelations have a universal message. The viewer may enter his unique world, which in turn will hopefully become a self-enlightening experience. The goal is not to explore his emotions, rather to experience the painting and how it touches you, the viewer.

As an independent artist and freelance photographer, Jared continues striving to capture his unique reality in words and images.

Each time he creates new work, he grapples with an insecurity, stemming from childhood, about his artistic abilities. Overcoming this self-doubt has been a lifelong challenge.

Jared’s work is exhibited in galleries and is sold worldwide.

He resides with his wife and children in Jerusalem.


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